GameMonkey ScriptMod

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GameMonkey Scriptmod is a project where we implemented the scripting language GameMonkey into a Quake3 Multimod plugin.
Quake3 Multimod is a plugin manager which sits between the Quake3 engine and the actual game mod. This allows the plugin developers to hook any behavior into roughly any Quake3 based game without having to change the mod.
GameMonkey is an embedded scripting language that looks similar to C. This makes it easier to work with by programmers and other people in general.
We started the project because we wanted more control over the behavior of the server. We already had a PHP bot tailing the server logs but this was slow and grew complicated quickly.

GameMonkey Scriptmod featured;

  • 100% scriptable admin Interface
  • Scriptable Rcon-like interface
  • Interface for clan Members. (beside ref login)
  • Interface for clan Friends. (beside ref login)
  • Access to your filesystem by .gm script Functions
  • Works with ALL Enemy Territory Mods (etmain/etpro/etbub/shrubmod/tce/etc.)
  • Easy to modify. No C/C++ knowledge necessary.
  • Change your ServerMod scriptfile without Server restart.
  • Easy Script Syntax. Not as complicated as LUA.
  • A lot of Script Examples.
  • Fast. GameMonkey is one of the fastest script languages.
  • Define your own “/” commands. Example: “/ban ID”, “/kick ID”, “drop ID”
  • Create an individual gameserver mod. Personalize your Server.
  • Exchange your script files with other serveradmins.
  • Client to client private chat
  • IRC-like channel chat

I developed this project with another developer: Apologet.
Apologet started the project and later involved me. Later we got help from im2good4u and Dr.Evil.